Dominique Wu - Founder/Creator

Green Bean Boy was the illustration that I made back in 2013. At that time, I wish I could make Green Bean Boy a character who can give people wisdom when reading. As time goes by, I want to add more flavors into Green Bean Boy's Adventure. 

After getting involved to XR field in 2015 and learned a lot of VR & MR, I decided to make Green Bean Boy a XR game. And in 2018, SpaceX had a lot of test launches inspired me to study space travel. 

I believe that space travel is really important for our future. First, look at Venus and Mars, this will be the future for Earth - being a desert due to the global warming. Earth is our home base, but we need to seek other planets for human's eternal prosperous. Second, look at those crazy leaders who own nuclear bombs - they might got mad for no reason and press the button and destroy the whole Earth. 

I love Earth and I believe that we should put at least a certain amount of effort to improve the living environment such as bring the clean energy, reduce waste and invent technology which helps human beings. However, we should also put a certain amount of effort to travel the space which will help us not only learn more about Earth by study other planets but also having different choice for living.

I wish Green Bean Boy is not only a fun entertaining XR game but also a game for people to be aware of how important space exploration is so we human beings have be prosperous eternally.