Dominique Wu



Sampson Crooks, Jr.


CTO-Cofounder/3D Director

Juan A. Matos


Composer-Cofounder/Sound Director

Dominique Wu - Founder/Producer

Green Bean Boy was the illustration that I made back in 2013. At that time, I wish I could make Green Bean Boy a character who can give people wisdom when reading. As time goes by, I want to add more flavors into Green Bean Boy's Adventure. 

After getting involved to XR field in 2015 and learned a lot of VR & MR, I decided to make Green Bean Boy a XR game. And in 2018, SpaceX had a lot of test launches inspired me to study space travel. 

I believe that space travel is really important for our future. First, look at Venus and Mars, this will be the future for Earth - being a desert due to the global warming. Earth is our home base, but we need to seek other planets for human's eternal prosperous. Second, look at those crazy leaders who own nuclear bombs - they might got mad for no reason and press the button and destroy the whole Earth. 

I love Earth and I believe that we should put at least a certain amount of effort to improve the living environment such as bring the clean energy, reduce waste and invent technology which helps human beings. However, we should also put a certain amount of effort to travel the space which will help us not only learn more about Earth by study other planets but also having different choice for living.

I wish Green Bean Boy is not only a fun entertaining XR game but also a game for people to be aware of how important space exploration is so we human beings have be prosperous eternally. 

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Sampson Crooks, Jr. - CTO-Cofounder/3D Director

My journey into the realm of 3D started in 1999 with my first software application called Animation: Master. Soon after that I purchased Poser and ZBrush which I continue to use today. I can remember the first time I created a creature, painted it, rigged it and brought it to life with animation. It was an awe moment in my life when I could transform an idea into something that I could share with other people.

Since that time, I have transitioned more to the technical side of development and programming solutions for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. My professional experience goes back to 2015 where I worked on an Aircraft Configurator project at Boeing for use on the Microsoft HoloLens.

I have been engaged with XR since 2013 and started AI integration into XR products back in 2015. My goal is to share my passion to create XR and AI solutions that will empower more people to create and invent more things to improve our lives.

I feel strongly that space exploration is important for our survival in the future. This is the reason I have joined the mission to transform Green Bean Boy from an illustration into an immersive experience. This is an awesome challenge and I look forward to another journey of amazement!

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Juan A. Matos - Composer-Cofounder/Sound Director

Originally from Ponce, Puerto Rico, Juan Andrés Matos is a Los Angeles based composer and pianist.  He began his music studies at the “Escuela Libre de Musica” in Ponce, then he attended “Berklee College of Music” in Boston, “The Instituten Der Jazz & Rock Schulen” in Germany, and “Cornel School of Contemporary Music” in Los Angeles.  During his school years he studied composition, film scoring, arranging, orchestration and piano performance.

Since 2012 Juan has written music for numerous films including the dramatic short “Chatarra”, winner of “Best Music and Sound” at the Festival de Cine Europeo.  He has also written for television commercials and musicals like “Bite!” winner of “Best New Filmmaker” at Rincon International Film Festival.

Juan has worked as a keyboard technician and synth programmer for the LA Philharmonic Orchestra and Broadway shows like "Hamilton", "Kinky Boots", "Amelie", and "Grey Gardens".

While in Puerto Rico, Juan directed and performed four sold out piano concerts with a 7-piece band at the Teatro La Perla, biggest theater of it's kind in the Caribbean, and at the Pablo Casals Symphonic Hall in Puerto Rico.

His most recent comedy feature film "Yo Soy Un Político" is now showing on HBO GO, and you can also hear his work on the musical “Talk About It” featuring Maia Mitchell from ABC's "The Fosters".

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