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Green Bean Boy's Adventure XR Game

XR Space Adventure Game 

2019 MIT ARIA (AR in Action) ARphabet Tour AR Demo

Green Bean Boy & Bubiko AR demo is going to be shown in MIT ARIA ARphabet Tour on 1/14/2019. 

Collaborate with Stephen Black, Green Bean Boy & Bubiko are going to have tea time together - put the rabbits to sleep in order to get "Mooncake" on the moon. If you are going to the MIT ARphabet Tour, don't miss out our demo!!! Thanks for Michael Stragey AR Tech Support.

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Explore the galaxy

From Black Hole to Wormhole, from the Sun to Pluto, Green Bean Boy will take you to the space and beyond.  

DIY Your Own Weapon & Rocket

From assembling rocket to create your own photon gun, you can customize your weapons to accomplish your goal.

Go on the adventure of a lifetime

Travel through different dimensions and meet aliens from across the universe.


About green bean boy

The son of the stars

Green Bean Boy is an AR/VR/MR/XR Game

The Master Mind behind Green Bean Boy: Mr. Child.   

Mr. Child has a child body and a giant brain. His conscious is the universe. Peter met Mr. Child in the 6th dimension where ghost and god co-exist. This universe is parallel with Mr. Child's mind. Now there are unknown power destroying Mr. Child's brain - so Peter turns himself into Green Bean Boy inside Mr. Child's brain to help all the living creatures to another world. By turning himself the seed of another universe pass the event of no return, Green Bean Boy will be the new conscious of the new world!  
Peter met Mr. Child in a hospital in another dimension. A child with a transparent head and conscious of the world - Mr. Child wanted Peter to destroy the dark power by being the guardian of the universe and spreading seeds to create another universe. 
Peter was turned into a little Green Bean Boy and sucked into the brain of Mr. Child. Inside the brain, Green Bean Boy -- the new identity of Peter -- has to live on another planet similar to earth called Prox.

On Prox, he lives on a little island with 2 pets - Flying Fish & Pirate Owl. There, he receives commands from Mr.Child through an aquarium. 

Sometimes he gets a severe headache and connects back to his family back on earth. Even though he is not there, his identity was immediately replaced by another Peter who has the same personality and look as he did before. 

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About Green Bean Boy


Green Bean Boy

The guardian of the universe.


Flying Fish Brother

Green Bean Boy's Best friend


Pirate Owl

Pirate Owl is the fighter in the ocean in Prox planet.